The first full CCI true stereo CD ever is finally here!
If you look for giant vocals or close-up microphone settings (like Diana Krall or Roberta Gambarini recordings) just forget it. These
recordings offer the best lifelike reproduction and move you (if your hifi setup is really high end) sitting at the pub near the musicians.
We are not aware about any other blues CD on the market (in which some musical instruments are electronically amplified) featuring a Blumlein/two microphones stereo recording technique including vocals. In a standard recording, the stereo effect is artificially created by sound engineer mixing togheter one microphone (in case of vocals) to several microphones (in case of percussions, for example) located near the source. Then he adds reverberation/echo to simulate a credible soundstage (sometimes he exaggerates with effects in order to cover the poor harmonic reproduction of some hifi system) but the final result is always artificial.
On the contrary, these recordings feature no post-production at all and, for this reason, we've spent a lot of time during recording
sessions in order to keep the natural echoes of the room: we had to place carefully some acoustic panels and look for the best
collocation of musicians in the hall.

This CD features:

- no dynamic compression
- true stereo set (only two microphones)
- no equalization
- no reverberation added
- analog full CCI recording equipment

This natural recording is artistically beautiful and, technically speaking, a true CD test for you hifi system as it unveils
dramatically any lack in transparency.
This CD includes eleven natural tracks and four bonus tracks processed with multi-band EQ in order to compare and evaluate how the effect processing sounds in your hifi system.

You can buy on line on ebay  (digit : "Burn your blues" on search engine)



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