This is the age of the "compact" hi-fi systems, completely disregarded by "golden ears". The RPC500 or 600 with a pair of Grundig speakers (from 300 to 1500 series) can assure an outstanding result. The built-in turntable is excellent and the cartridge DM95G is very musical. You see in picture an RPC600 and a RTV1020, all receivers Grundig of period 75-79 are full CCI .





The models of two-way series of 77, Box 300-400-500, are my favorites for installations on the shelf. Special features are: transparency, definition and consistency but prove double-edged weapons if you do not have a top amplification . If used in a small room, especially the 300 is wonderful.





The top range of Grundig speaker is the "Aktiv Box" series. Photo: Aktiv Box 40 (top left), Aktiv Box 50 (top right), Box 850a  (passive version of Aktiv Box 20).
The Aktiv Box 20-30-40 and 50 (4 built-in amplifiers and high-precison electronic crossover) are the best active multi-way speakers I've ever heard. The amplifiers can be upgraded to take advantage of "Linear Transfer technology". I usually do not modify any amplifier but, only in this case, the Linear Transfer modification is available for Grundig Aktiv Box built-in amplifiers. The reason is the high potential of these amplifiers. In fact they do not feature the technical evolution that Grundig has developed few years later (83-86). The Linear Transfer modification simply updates the amplifiers to the following years: the crossover ranges and speaker levels stay untouched.






850a - 1500a - 2500a professional are the passive version respectively of aktiv20 -aktiv30 -aktiv40 professional. Simply the best multiway loudspeakers that I have listen.

The SL1000 is the only Grundig two way floor standing speaker similar to the Linear Transfer DSL. The 10 cm woofers provide a superb midrandge but the bass is not very deep. The next series SL1000a has not so good.



1979 - PICK-UP : SHURE M85G + stilo N91G o N75GT2 // DM95G + stilo N75GT2, see my favourites


1979 - TURNTABLE: GRUNDIG PS1010-PS1020 , see my favourites


1979-80 - PRECEIVER: GRUNDIG X6500tp, see my favourites


1984 - PREAMPLIFIER: GRUNDIG XV7500, see my favourites





Japan-style amplifier: better than most of so-called "high end amplifiers" but not as musical as the V7000 or V1700. Photo: V2000.

Speakers with plastic cabinet (passive or active series). They are good but do not reach the top. Photo: M600 and SM2000




Far better than the previous series. Please, don't care about appearances: the V7000 (and V20 , V30) is a very top class amplifier. The CD7500 (and CD7550) is the best Grundig cd player. It is the only one can match the level of the CD960 + Linear Transfer modification. Due to the old non-linear phase analog filter, the sonic result is a bit different: the midrange of CD7500 is sweeter but the CD960 + LT modification is still more precise, accurate and detailed. Anyway the CD7500 does not feature the remote control. Please, do NOT replace the original line output cable. The final result is far worse.





Last year of "true" Grundig.
It seems a toy but it is not a toy: the V1700 is one of the best Grundig amplifier ever built. Don't be sceptic and compare this amplifier to the most expensive products on the market: it's amazing. The V1700 , V7000 ,V20,V30 sound very similar to the Linear Transfer MA10: only the soundstage is not so deep and full-bodied.



Monolith series: feature 7 midranges, 7 tweeters, 4 woofers on the 120 model and 8 woofers on the 190 model. I've listened these speakers and are not so good.




I do not sell Grundig products.
Caution, do not modify or refurbish Grundig products: the final result is always worse.
Please, do not complain to me about excessive bass level when you insert the loudness push button of your Grundig amplifier!



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