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These are my build on the original design. The primary objective was to achieve the maximum possible transparency (transparency understood in the literal sense, not at all how it is sometimes understood such as sounds raw and harsh that are the opposite of true transparency...), only in transparency presence the system is able to pass intact all the nuances of pitch, feeling, fullness and vibrancy that make the music fresh and engaging with a freedom and a sense of rhythm that revitalizes the mind of those who listen. "Intact information" means also report the reverberation of the place where the disc was recorded, the depth also called "sound of room". Concerning the evolution of these same amps I realized that to get the real dynamic, fluid, free of constraints is essential proper the delicacy and refinement that comes from transparency at highest levels. Into these objects are concentrated more of thirty years of work and research on specific causes that really affect the sound...and not the use of the beautiful valve or fashion condenser here or there.





A 100W 8ohm capable of delivering 400W into 2 ohms compared to stabilized power supplies of power. Use no wiring and has been updated on the basis of the knowledge acquired on the CCI over the years.
Even at this early version of the amplifier was no cover rigidly attached: provided the only cover was a Plexiglas lid that served only as a dust cover was removed and listening phase. Although updated CCI was not possible (given the particularities of this frame made of all solid aluminum bars) assembly of the lid so that it remains the only full CCI LT to listen without cover. The sight inside I still believe will satisfy even fans of aesthetics.
Optimized CCI on the soft.

Disponibility: No more produced.

You can see the frequency response on real load here: LT MA100






was born on a bold exercise with the aim of maintaining the sonic characteristics of MA100 mono, but in a power amp position to provide 1.6 KW per channel into 1ohm!
TO3 transistors in a container 64 in total (including 16 employed in the two supplies stabilized power) for a stereo amp deck packed with features, as well as size and weight, not indifferent. Special circuitry uses patented two-stage time .
The photo shows only half of the amplifier: two identical cards are mounted on the bottom of the cooling tunnel.
Optimized CCI on rigid surface
Disponibility: No more produced.
You can see the frequency response on real load here:
LT MA200



CD players LT mod.

At follow the production of the CD 960 Philips was born also the first approach to LT modify on CD players. The first version of the modification (1986) involved the absence of the cover contrary to the current one where the cover is present and fixed.
CCI mod. is feasible in many (but not all) cd players.
Being the "Circuit Chassis Interface" the main cause of sound degradation, once modified, the different cd players they sound almost indistinguishable from one another.
For demonstration purposes I have modify full CCI a cd player of 30 euro cost and I recommend listening compared to any conventional player (regardless of cost) for a tangible way to know if it is important the mechanics, the converter or something else...

Only check in first person can actually teach you something if you have ears to hear...no forum...no friends...no magazine...only your ears!
Similar and equally excellent performances are also in three cd player Grundig standard all developed with the same criteria telaistici: cd7500, cd7550 and cd35 unfortunately no one remote controlled.

See also LT mod





Two stereo power amps with the same circuitry that enclose the experience acquired in previous amps on the CCI (see "uncomfortable truths") respectively 25W/ch and a 50W/ch into 8 ohms, which also easily drive 2ohm loads.
The results obtained from these power amp combined with a MA10P or a Grundig XV7500 (both full CCI preamplifiers) is the same of integrated MA10 but with the advantage of being able to put the amp to the ground (better installation) and connect to the speakers with less length of power cables.
This project has been updated on the basis of the knowledge acquired on the CCI over the years.

You can see the (very important) frequency response on real load here:
LT MA25  LT MA50



LINEAR TRANSFER MA10P preamplifier


The same musical characteristics of the integrated in a preamplifier with MM phono 2 line inputs. Aesthetic is the same of MA10, identical except for the lack of rear heatsink. Alternatives to this phono preamp is the full CCI Grundig XV7500 . 

Disponibility: No more produced.





Experience in understanding the behavior of the phenomena of high frequency radiation and the integration of this with the knowledge gained from Grundig products leading to born of the integrated MA10.

MA10 consists of a preamplifier MM phono 2 line inputs and a stereo amplifier 50W/ch into 8 ohms
This project has been updated on the basis of the knowledge acquired on the CCI over the years.

You can see the (very important) frequency response on real load here:

Disponibility: No more produced.





 And so to DSL first series (Dynamic Loudspeaker System) result of 8 years of work (the project started in 93). The conditions for the project had a very ambitious goal: to keep as much as possible the definition consistency and transparency typical of Grundig box300 but with an extension on the lower top. Perhaps if I had decided to climb Mount Everest I would have less problems! From the start the difficulties proved to be enormous and the evolution of the case has been somewhat tortured (including studies on the acoustics of the room, interference between the speakers and the different types of crossover) but as if a drop of water which continues to fall can penetrate the concrete, so I think if you have the sufficient dedication and there is discouraged or sooner or later get the results.
Disponibility: No more produced.





To devise a system that allows full use CCI with your laptop! This integration between the MA10 and the Apple Airport a very interesting "little box" that has (among other things) wi-fi, a D / A converter and analog output. By using the application "iTunes" (installed on both Mac and PC) you can have from VS. Portable complete control system, remote adjustment of the volume and considering whether to listen to CDs, files (both lossless and MP3) on hd or memory or if the radio via the internet .... A kind of all-in-one simply using a laptop. Provided you have your laptop on battery power (a condition that also involves no difference between listening to different pc ...) and connect to the airport only via wi-fi you can get a very good performance.
If you have only digital sources you do not need interconnect cables ...

The little light green that can be glimpsed from the top cover is on the airport in operating conditions (in terms of power / test is yellow).


Disponibility: No more produced.






The MA100 have same aesthetic of MA50 (only higher) but with 100W/ch into 8 ohm and can easily drive loads of 2ohm. This amp have the same full CCI sound of MA25 and MA50.

You can see the (very important) frequency response on real load here: LT MA100





Dynamic System Loudspeaker


Important evolution that differs from the old model to a depth of almost half of the cabinet, the use of others woofer and the use of new masks made of plastic material (in place of the earlier made of cardboard) thanks to the revolutionary technology system of "rapid prototyping "... which unfortunately involves a high cost of production.
What are the differences compared to previous DSL?
-Increased installation flexibility with the option (recommended) to install the speaker near to the wall (with the use of sound-absorbing material or a heavy tent on the same place) resulting in the possibility of being able to have the listener up to 1m from the wall behind it (the event which can happen frequently in a normal home), this also involves a better adaptability of this model in rooms of different sizes. The ideal in terms of frequency extension and consistency it has in any case for distances X and Y (see
speakers installation) equal to approximately 90cm and 40cm






MA10tp is fully remote controllable amplifier: volume, input selection, power on / off and muting. It's the first device LT on which the development of CCI reached fulfilment already in the design phase and it had no need of CCI tuning: at the first turn-on he was playing with right sound, that means ... it took me 30 years but the lesson I learned well. MA10tp is available also with Apple Airport integrated and
with RIAA phono stage.


You can see the (very important) frequency response on real load here: LT MA10tp





Dynamic System Loudspeaker extended


The DSL Ext represents the evolution of DSL old type in which updates have been made both as regards the mask (now also made with rapid prototyping) that with regard to the crossover. The woofers are always 17W75Ext Dynaudio while the tweeter is the same mounted on the DSL, Grundig SL1000, TL100, Box450-550 prof. The cabinet remains unchanged from DSL old type and then it's possible upgrade the old model to the current one.
DSL Ext , unlike DSL, perfectly suit to "caso A " (see
speakers installation) and then, depending on the type of room, you can find now the DSL that best suits your needs:


Room like "Caso A" > DSL ext

Room like "Caso B" > DSL




Much of my life I dedicated to understand the causes of the bad sound, I have not ever had the courage (perhaps because I am not brought ...) to start a business in an industry that I think (and I always thought) too sensitive to the aesthetic charms and to "smoke" in general and too insensitive to actual results. The result of my work is present and is listenable.
ecommend to deepening  to those people discreet and far from the clamor of fashions (and prejudices that these inevitably create) that are only interested in the results tangibly audible.



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