--------------  aphorisms --------------


- For thousand of years man has believed the earth was in the middle of the universe and sun (and planets) was turning on it

  Then somebody said it was not true: he was one, alone, but he was right!

  The moral: the truth is not always clear to everybody and everybody is not always ready to know the truth!


- Scepticism is better than credulity, testing is better than scepticism!


- The difference between a clever and a silly man: the first thinks with his own brain, the latter waits for other people's thought.


- It's better tell the truth to one person than half a truth to a lot of people!


- Also the cleanest thing get dirty if laying in wrong hands.


- The friend is the person who comes when all the other people is gone!


- Your enemy laugh when you make a mistake, your friend warn and correct you.


- Everything is relative: please ask the turkey about its opinion on Christmas eve!


- The most of people who come before his time had to wait in uncomfortable rooms.


- People does what does not think and thinks what does not do.


- As all the weak people, he does attach too much importance to the intention to never change his mind...


- Also if we travel all around the world looking for the beauty, or we are already carrying it with us or we will never find it.


- Do never discuss with a silly man: people could not understand the difference.


- The history is an art gallery in which there are a few originals and a lot of copies.


- Men make mistakes, great men confess their faults.


- He who does not remember the past he will be forced to live again through the same.


- No one guilty can be absolved from the court of his own conscience.


- Especially in loneliness you can feel the benefit to live with somebody who thinks.


- Naturally it's easier to condemn mistakes than praise for things well done.


- The situation is grave but not serious.


- Fly over the clouds...the sky is always blue!


- There is only one good thing, the knowledge, and only one bad thing, the ignorance.


- The story about the tiny frogs….


Last but not least...


- A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush



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