My favourites 

Everyday I listen to the music with these components. I have chosen them by comparison with the best of the current and old discontinued products. I have only judged the musicality result despite their price and appearance.


CARTRIDGE: SHURE V15 IV  - M75B (with conic diamond N75Gt2) - M85G

The V15 III is too bright, the V15 V is too cold. The V15 IV is well-balanced with a clear midrange. Please do not use the brush! There is not any MC as musical as the V15 IV (with conic diamond type G). 

If you are not afraid of rarity problems, the best performing cartridge is the old M75B Shure(standard supply with Grundig ps1010) with original conic diamond "N75Gt2" at 0,75 gr. force or M85G (standard supply with ps1020) with original conic diamond "N91G" or "N75Gt2" both at 0,75gr. force




Shure V15IV 




Probably you think the best turntable in the world is the gigantic VPI or the elder Garrard 301 and Thorens 124. I recommend to listen to PS1010 or 1020 (and others of 70s-80s) to understand what a good tuntable can do. In this case, the original Shure cartridges assure the best performance (M75B with stylus "type G" on the ps1010 and M85G on the ps1020).





Grundig PS1020 




I don't like digital reproduction but this cdplayer sounds nealry like the analogic: harmonious and full-bodied at the same time. On the contrary, standard CD960 (without Linear Transfer modification) sounds dull and metallic. Other excellent machines are the standard Grundig CD7500 and CD7550, unfortunately without remote control.





Philips cd960 + mod LT




This amplifier neither sounds like as a tube amp nor as a solid state. It reproduces powerful musical passages so that they envelop the room with clean high levels, while not causing the listener to suffer from the sonic intensity. The soundstage is deep and natural and the result is a musical experience, detailed and warm at the same time. 

I have spent 18 years in research and development of the L.T. amplifier. Comparing the MA10 with Grundig V7000 or V1700 the result is similar but the MA10 is still superior in imaging and musical richness.


 Linear Transfer MA 10 



It is the only preamplifier that fully benefits from the Grundig research on "the problem" (the previous SXV6000 looks similar but it is inferior). It is the only preamplifier that can replace (excluding tones and loudness!) the LT MA10p without any sonic difference at lower cost. 

The big problem is the time (the XV7500 dates 1984) and the servicings: this is why it is difficult to find a XV7500 in good conditions. If you doubt, I am ready to compare your XV 7500 to my equipment correctly refurbished. 

The LT MA10p is still available on order to match the LT power amplifier with the same look and design. 


Grundig XV7500




Available in two different powers (25W / 50W) with the same excellent sonic result. 

There is not any Grundig power amplifier able to reach the same performance and I do not know any other power amplifier featuring the same solution to "the problem".


Linear Transfer MA25



I recommend all the Grundig speakers of 77-82. They are clear, transparent, detailed and coherent (but only using a Grundig or L.T. amplifier). In case of shelf mounting I prefer two ways models and especially the Box 300 for its larger 3D soundstage. The only obvious limit is the bass extension but, in small rooms you don't care so much. Avoid to use the Box300 on stands. 




Grundig box 300 


STAND MOUNTED SPEAKERS: GRUNDIG  box850a prof.- box1500a prof. -box2500a prof - ROGERS LS 3/5a 15ohm  

The best Grundig multi-ways. Recommended stand height from 36cm to 45cm.  The 1984 series (box 360-660-860-1600) is less coeherent but still good. The 1977 series (box 600,800,1000) is a bit less transparent but still valid. 

Box2500a prof is recommended only for big rooms

The BBC LS3/5a 15ohm is a good solution for small rooms also if they are a little less transparent.


Grundig box850a professional




The Linear Transfer DSL reaches the goal of the bass extension and the two way's coherence at the same time. I have spent 8 years working hard for a no-compromise sound: detailed, rich and natural. The only problem is the height of the tweeter (65cm): the optimal listening point is lower than usual. The DSL offers the same wide soundstage of the Box300 (they are still a little bit better in midrandge) adding low frequencies and the ability to reproduce powerful music whitout distortion in big rooms.




Linear Transfer DSL



Cables are sort of "equalizers" and they can change the sound of your hifi system. In a "standard" hifi system the optimal result is the cable that can match better the "equalization" of your components: this is the reason there is not the cable without doubt "the best". 

However, Grundig and Linear Transfer systems are very different and they do not really need any equalization. In this case the best sounding cable is the most linear. The standard "poor" Grundig cables (line and speakers) are really good but they are discontinued and very difficut to find. The LT components do use cables similar to Grundig. In a Grundig or LT system, do not replace any case these apparently poor cables with exotic-highend cables: you will get a worse result. 

Take a look at the picts of cables suitable for Grundig and LT: the "despicable" grey shielded double-line cable with non-golded RCA plugs and speaker cables composed by hundreds of very thin wires. Even the insulation of the cable is important. I was used to supply the LT with a specific Supra or Vivanco speaker cables but they both are now discontinued (Vivanco HPFL 253-153-154-254). So I am testing now several cables. At the moment, I have found only the Vivanco HPFL250 and HPFL150 that are similar to the old Grundig cable.


  The HPFL253 Vivanco interconnecting cable ........ ........with esoteric termination   :-))



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