I would like to introduce myself and my love for music.
I did buy my first hifi review when I was 12. Two years later my father had to give me the first hifi system: turntable, amplifier and speakers Pioneer. One year later, after a comparison with the Allison One and the AR 10 pi, I fell in love with a couple of B&W DM6 and I started to convince my mother to substitute my Pioneer speakers for them. It was a big expense for a teen ager: 1.000.000 (= 500 euro) but my parents did it. I compared the DM6 also with the new 801 series but I still have preferred the DM6.
Growing up, I continued changing components and I started to build my first 10 watt amplifier and I was really surprised when I heard that sounded much better than my SAE 2400L. I built a second amplifier but the result was really different. It has been an interesting experience: even using the same schematic, something unknown affected the sound. After finishing my electronic course I built a top-class 100 watt mono amplifier high slew rate, low feedback, class A, high current output (respecting the best rules recommended by reviews) but I was really disappointed. Despite the good measurement results, it sounded really bad!
Then I stopped to believe the reviews and their theories and I started my personal research of reasons of sound: something unknown affected the sound and I used a scientific trial and test method to discover "the problem". I have spent 4 - 5 years to understand where and why this kind of distortion has its source. Finally I developed a systematic theory in order to solve "the problem".
I improved further my theory when I discovered some old Grundig products (1977-86) in which I have found a particular care to solve the same problem (the only case in the whole hifi production). The solution is totally unconventional and it concerns in small part the electronic: the secret is the perfect coupling between electronic and chassis that must respect strict rules.
Some of my friends exhorts me to build a company and sell my products in the hifi market but I do not intend to introduce a new brand in an overcrowded market looking only for the "gold and silver" appearance.
Then I like to cite Giorgio Gaber (he did choose the theatre instead of TV): "it is better to tell the whole truth to one single person than a part of truth to a lot of people". And finally my loved "best products"!

Massimo Ambrosini


CHIARA with dad (2005)

ANDREA with mom (2005)


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